Press On Foundation is here to serve and help those affected by Spinal Cord Injury. At Press On Foundation we know that it takes daily effort and hard work from everyone involved so that those who have SCI can recover. Our goal is to provide information and support to those who are pursuing and believe in recovery from spinal cord injury. We support those who are pursuing recovery and want to do the impossible. In order to do this, Press On Foundation will raise funds for exercise therapy scholarships and one day we hope to help fund adult stem cell therapy for those who have SCI.




Causes of Paralysis

Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries


Source: Christopher Reeves Foundation

Nearly 1 out of every 50 Americans (or 6 million people) live with paralysis

Every 49 minutes, a spinal cord injury occurs

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the top causes of spinal cord injuries are:
Working Accident (28%), Motor Vehicle Accident (24%), Sporting and Recreation (16%), Fall (9%)

The average cost of expenses for an individual with a serious spinal cord injury in the first year ranges
from over $228,00 to over $775,000

Over 80% of all individuals with a spinal cord injury are male

The median days hospitalized in the acute care unit at a Model System for an individual who has
suffered a spinal cord injury has declined from 24 days in the 1973-1979 period to 12 days in the more
recent period of 2005-2008
Source: National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center in Birmingham, Alabama

Children make up 5% of all individuals with a spinal cord injury



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